Friday, August 6, 2010

Excuses, excuses...

I'm just going to say it.  I have taken my Kidney Stones to a whole new level of excuses... 

I have been very lethargic all week...I think it's from the IV at the hospital.  I called my diet Dr.... and she did confirm that protein shakes can "stir up" kidney stones, but do not cause them.  Unfortunately, I can't change my I'm pretty much destined to get them.

With that being said, I took this week off my diet...and went a little crazy.  Monday-Mellow Mushroom, Tuesday- Taco Bell, and today- Wendys.  UGH.  What was I thinking!?

I did go to my diet Dr. today...I amazingly did not gain weight.  I used wanting to sit down with her to go over kidney stone prevention at my next appointment as an excuse to eat crap all week... Not smart. 

Anyways, I am starting back tomorrow.  Full force.  No excuses.  She gave me a list of things to do while I'm on protein shakes to prevent kidney I can't be afraid.

Funny thing was, my Dr. told me that she understood if I wanted to stop the diet.... I almost laughed.  As painful as a kidney stone is.... being fat is JUST AS PAINFUL.  I'm taking my chances and getting the rest of this weight off.

Yes, I know starting tomorrow is just a form of procrastination...(why not start today?).  Well, I've already eaten a bacon/blue burger from Wendy's and my husband and I have a "date night" to celebrate paying off one of the credit cards.... I almost feel like today is shot.  So, I will start's a new day.

Until next time...

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